R.W.Bro. Robert M Kiff

Welcomes you to Peterborough

Greetings Brethren of Peterborough District,

With great excitement I want to share my thoughts on the days events. As many will be aware, today was the Installation ceremony for the ensuing years slate of GL officers.   I had the great pleasure of being installed by the Grand Master as his representative for Peterborough District. His faith in me, and yours for naming me as your nominee, is a truly humbling experience which will stay with me forever.  

I pledged to the Grand Master this morning, and now to you, that I will serve up my very best efforts in being the crucial link between our Peterborough district and Grand Lodge.

Thanks again to all who have guided me thus far and continue to do so going forward in what should be a great year of Masonry!

Masonic experience:
Past Master - JB Hall (Millbrook) two consecutive years, (‘14/15)
Treasurer – JB Hall 2017 to present.
Treasurer – Millbrook Masonic Temple – 2017 to present.
JB Hall – Committee of General Purposes
Scottish Rite – Chapter Rose Croix officer
Scottish Rite – Cast member 4th, 15th, 17th & 18th degrees.

Non-Masonic experience:
Business(s) owner – 1983 to present (Ontario & Quebec)
Director – Peterborough Condo Corporation – 2007 to 2021
President – Peterborough Condo Corporation – 2016 to 2021