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Thank you for visiting our Website. Feel free to browse our site for information on Freemasonry and the member Lodges of Peterborough District. Further information can be found at the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario website.


Each Mason in the eleven Lodges of Peterborough District is automatically a member of the Peterborough District Masonic Association. The P.D.M.A. works with the District Lodges for our mutual benefit.


One of the P.D.M.A. goals is to be the catalyst that encourages all Lodges to work together to achieve a better Masonic future for us all. Joining together for visitations, special Lodge functions, social events and community initiatives, our membership is our legacy for the many generations who will follow us, just as we have been the stewards of a Masonic way of life left to us by our forefathers.


Peterborough District first emerged in annals of Grand Lodge in 1904 when Ontario District was divided to form Otonobee District which was again divided to form Victoria District in 1916 and finally our present District in 1923. The District was administered by the D.D.G.M. and the Masters', Wardens, and Past Masters of the district of the twelve lodges which has now been reduced to eleven through amalgamation. In order to include all masons the P.D.M.A. was changed to an association in 2007.


The P.D.M.A. holds a semi Annual meeting in the fall, a Midwinter meeting and an Annual Meeting in the spring, with Executive meetings held the month before each meeting. With the exception of the executive meetings these meetings are open to all Masons of the District in good standing.


R.W. Bro. Thomas A. Mortlock,

District Deputy Grand Master

Peterborough District




Peterborough District Masonic Association


Peterborough District Masonic Association

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